Vancouver Dog Board and Train

#CareyTrainsMe has trained hundreds of Metro Vancouver puppies and is an expert in Board and Train programs.


Our modern, progressive, positive reinforcement Board and Train Dog Program will set your puppy, adolescent, or adult dog up for a successful life as a loving family pet and a Metro Vancouver canine citizen. We use up-to-date techniques that build puppy confidence, resilience, and reliability. Some of these techniques include: rewarding calmness; canine enrichment (e.g.,); fitness; brain games; habituation; socialization with people, dogs and new environments; protocols building impulse control; frustration tolerance; manners around toys and food; and formal puppy obedience training. 

Choose one of our Board and Train Programs 

Puppy Boarding School


At #CareyTrainMe, we know life happens, whether it is sleep deprivation from adopting a new puppy, travel, new work demands, etc., we can help! Puppy Boarding school is an opportunity for you and your puppy to start your life together without frustration and feeling overwhelmed, but rather with a good foundation of manners and coping skills.

Leash Manners and Rocket Recall


Leash skill and recall are two skills that will increase your dog's quality of life and they are also the most frustrating for owners. The key to building these skills is repetition and consistency. We work on these skills daily. Our board and train program hosts your dog to stay overnight for weeks or more and experience many enriching types of training multiple times each day, including brain games, confidence building, socialization, obedience, and exercise during their stay. 

Confidence Building for fearful shy dogs (21 day minimum)


One of our passions and specialties is working with fearful and shy dogs. Enrichment and brain games are the best part of the #Careytrainsme training programs. The dogs have fun learning to learn, and of course, we have the best time bonding, trust-building, and building life skills with your dog. For more fun facts on how to introduce your dog to Canine Enrichment, visit our blog post here.


Socialization and social skills with people can be challenging if everyone around the dog is not consistent. All the trainers at #Careytrainsme use the same methods and language. If jumping up is an issue, we all take it seriously.

Doggy Boot Camp for teenage adolescents


Our board and train program gives us access to your dog twenty-four hours a day. We can train with their breakfast, lunch and dinner. A board and train program allows us to handle the repetition and build your dog’s skills so you can take over. Our immersive programs include enrichment, socialization, confidence building, fitness, calmness and obedience.

Hyper to calm (21 day minimum)


Calmness around distractions, aka manners in the real world, takes practice. Often dogs are thrown into the deep end and corrected if they can’t comply. Like all skills being calm, relaxed, and collected in the big wild world takes practice and patience. We work amongst real word distractions every day in the city.

#CareyTrainsMe Training principles are

Reward calmness, Reward focus, Reward engagement, Reward patience and impulse control, and Fun and frustration-free

Big Brother & Big Sister!

Preparing your dog for the arrival of a new baby.


This program is special and dear to the hearts of the #CareyTrainsme team. Our passion is setting up your dog for success when you bring your baby home. Even though the coming weeks before your baby is due is the ideal time to train your dog and prepare them for your baby's arrival we know it is the most tiring for an expecting family. We set your dog up for success and teach them boundaries, desensitize babies crying, train loose leash walking with a stroller and much more.