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Hyper to Calm
Board and Train Program

Sonny the black and white pitbull posing infront of the barn with his paw on a stump during his hyper to calm board and train program
Beans the Old English Bulldog posing paws up during her puppy boarding school board and train program.

Hyper to Calm

Hyperactive dogs are often over-exercised to manage their behaviour. Quickly over-exercising can create even more problems behaviour problems and create a frustrating and dangerous home. Although over-excited dogs are well-intentioned when they run and jump on guests, strangers and even other dogs, they can be hazardous by scratching, mouthing, knocking others down, and even snatching food or toys from people's hands.  Soon their exuberance becomes embarrassing at the park, with people and dogs telling you and your dog off for being rude. Family and friends do not want to visit your home and insist that you leave your dog at home when you visit. Your world and your dog's world become isolated and frustrating. Our Hyper to Calm Board and Train Program will help!


Kennels and dog daycares are not always the best place for hyper dogs where they are left to run and play for hours and pick up many poor social habits like jumping up and rough play are encouraged. A highly stimulating environment can leave your dog in an over-aroused state that can take a few days to come out of, it also negatively affects their immune systems. Often hyperactive dogs struggle on-leash with constant pulling to every distraction making healthy exercise even more difficult and soon you are in a lose/lose situation. 


We are a home environment, and we found that the best board and train results thrive when dogs are quiet and calm after they have been provided with a healthy amount of exercise, socializing brain games, enrichment, confidence building and enrichment. We are not a boarding facility; we are small and inclusive. While enrolled in our Dog Board and Train, your dog lives comfortably in our home with supervised access to the house and yard on five acres, and bedtime is spent in the safety of their crate or dog room. Dogs are treated as part of the family and live by the #CareyTrainsMe motto “Always reward calmness”.

"The 'board and train' program' was perfect for many reasons:

1. I really needed a break from 'puppy life'.

2. The consistent daily reinforcement and training really worked and helped.

3. Perfect place for boarding while on vacation. "

Anita Chow

We use learning games to increase engagement and duration exercises like down stay and go to your place/bed to increase calmness. We use their favourite toys to reward calm behaviour and teach your dog that barking, jumping, scratching, and steeling items don’t work to get our attention any longer. We use their favourite games and toys to increase their impulse control and frustration tolerance building their manners and engagement. 

Our modern, progressive, positive reinforcement Dog Board and Train Program will set your dog up for a successful life as a loving family pet and a Metro Vancouver canine citizen.  #CareyTrainsMe uses up-to-date techniques that build confidence, resilience, and reliability. We use food, affection, praise and play as rewards. Our motto is rewarding calmness; even though we make calm behaviour the utmost rewarding, your dog’s board and train days are fulfilled with canine enrichment, fitness, brain games, habituation, socialization with people, dogs and new environments, protocols building impulse control, frustration tolerance, and manners around toys and food, plus formal dog obedience training.

What to Expect

Your dog will receive numerous daily training sessions to meet your specified goals and consistently reinforce engagement.  Here are some examples of what your dog will practice during their stay:


  • ​Confidence using agility and scent detection exercises. 

  • Brain games

  • Calm Greetings and socialization

  • Socialization with dogs and people

  • ​Positive exposure to new environments

  • ​Waiting politely for food and doorways

  • Polite Leash Walking Skills

  • Obedience commands ranging from beginner to advanced


​    Behaviours include:

  • Sit,

  • Watch Me

  • Touch

  • Go to your Bed/place

  • Introduction to a release word: sitting at all gates, doors and crate doors

  • Recall - come when called, leave it, drop it

Boarding School Graduation.

We ask for an hour of your time upon pick up to review the training, where you will receive hands-on learning.

Follow-Up Session

7-10 days after your dog graduates from their board and train program, you will be scheduled for a zoom session that your entire household can attend. We will build on your dog's new skills during the zoom session. Additional zoom sessions can be purchased after your follow-up Zoom session.

golden retriever in a sit during dog board and train program

Boarding School


Carey Bolduc's Dog Luna Bear in a sit

Boarding School


Black lab and beagle puppy sitting and positng for treats during puppy boarding school program

Boarding School


Penny the chihuahua sitting and staying

Carey really got to know Penny (my dog) and her personality and this really helped with how to train Penny. I really appreciate how much time and patience Carey took to train my hyper doggo. She was able to teach Penny to "leave it" and this has helped me so much with training at home. My pup is VERY impatient and this was the most valuable thing ever.

The 'board and train' program' was perfect for many reasons:
1. I really needed a break from 'puppy life'.
2. The consistent daily reinforcement and training really worked and helped.
3. Perfect place for boarding while on vacation.

Carey provided post-pick up training and I was beyond impressed with what Penny learned at her time there.

I was scared that Penny would 'unlearn' everything she learned but she didn't. Carey is very encouraging and we still continue to train a bit everyday with Carey's instructions.
I would bring Penny back in a heartbeat and trust her with all my heart.

Anita Chow

Anita Chow

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