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About Us

Creating Confident City Dogs

CareyTrainsMe logo of lightbulb around Carey and dogsitting, blue leash andtreat pouch over filling with training treats.

About Carey

Carey's Purpose: To create confident city dogs.

Mission: To enrich the quality of life for dogs and support their pet parents through all stages of development, from puppyhood through adolescence and maturity.


Vision: Effectively create, support, and implement a customized routine consisting of exercise, feeding, nutrition and obedience training using positive learning and clear communication both verbally and with body language.


Promise: We make safety and your pet's well-being our priority. If your pet is ill or injured in our care, we will contact you and seek medical attention for your pet and communicate with

you. We follow the five freedoms of animal welfare.


• Freedom from Hunger and Thirst.

• Freedom from Discomfort.

• Freedom from Pain, Injury or Disease.

• Freedom to Express Normal Behavior.

• Freedom from Fear and Distress.


About Carey

Think you love puppies? Meet Carey Bolduc. She’s trained more than hundreds and hundreds of puppies over the years. While she’s enjoyed every minute of it, Carey’s expertise goes beyond teaching basics to huggable, loveable fur babies. 


Carey has the dedication and uses proven modern methods to help reverse deeply ingrained behavioural issues to create more confident city dogs. Reward-based training is highly effective in dogs of all ages. Need proof? You needn’t look any further than Carey’s beloved Luna for evidence. Deemed “untrainable” by other professional trainers, Luna had been surrendered by three different owners before Carey adopted her. The reason? Luna was a reactive, non-stop barker, riddled with anxiety. But Carey saw Luna’s potential and made it her mission to unlock it. By taking an integrated approach that includes customized exercise programs, canine enrichment, brain games, obedience training, confidence building, and calmness protocols using force-free methods, Carey was able to transform Luna into a loyal, loving companion.


Carey started her dog training career at Olympic Village PetSmart as a puppy trainer. Carey has trained hundreds of dogs as an Accredited PetSmart trainer. As the previous owner and operator of Carey’s Dog Walk and Play, Carey walked hundreds of kilometres of training walks with many reactive dogs in Downtown Vancouver. In 2019 Carey was the Head Trainer and Operations Manager at the Bowen Island Dog Ranch, specializing in customized board-and-train programs.


Carey was born to work with animals; however, not just her natural-born talent makes her a talented trainer. Before being a dog trainer, Carey was a corporate trainer. Over the years, Carey became adept at how humans learn and how to captivate and communicate to various audiences with varying learning styles. You will be at ease learning from Carey’s expertise and having fun.  Not only is Carey educated in Human learning styles, but she is also educated in how dogs learn as a dognition evaluator.


Returning to Vancouver in 2022 refreshed and ready to take on all the new covid puppies Carey is putting her advanced training skills to practice. Carey is a fun-loving and supportive trainer, willing to coach owners and create confident city dogs.


Meet The Team


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Our Pledge

Pet Empowerment Pledge Badge Individual from the academy of my pet care careers
  • Practice The Safe Handling of Pets.

  • Treat Pets With Respect And Consider The Human-Pet Bond.

  • Give Pets A Choice, So Long As They Are Safe.

  • Promote Confidence And Independence in pets.

  • Consider A Pet's Mental, Physical, And Emotional Needs.

  • Have Patience And An Unconditional Love For All Pets.

  • Prevent And Minimize Fear, Anxiety, And Stress In Pets.

  • Report Animal Abuse And Neglect.

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