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Leash Manners and Rocket Recall
Dog Board and Train Program

4 labs, black lab, silver lab and 2 chocolate labs sitting on a ledge.
Carey Bolduc of #CareyTrainsMe training a yellow lab to sit and stay at a local park

Leash Manners and Rocket Recall

Pulling on the leash can be one of the most frustrating experiences for you and your dog. Being injured by your dog pulling is a serious concern. Strained shoulders, backs, bruises, scrapes from being pulled down and even broken bones. Leash pulling can cause reactivity like barking and jumping up on people and dogs. It also limits your ability to exercise your dog in wet or slippery weather, dog walkers, friends and family will refuse to walk your dog and joining friends for a peaceful and social dog walk is no longer an option. Leash pullers typically lack engagement which also leads to poor recall. Soon you are isolated and exhausted because your dog, although friendly is a danger.  Do not wait that long – we can help with a Leash Manners and Rocket Recall Dog Board and Train


We are a home environment on five acres of farm that is fenced in. We can practice leash walking in a low-distraction area and off-leash recall safely building your dog's engagement and ability to focus before we hit the streets full of distractions. We provide a healthy amount of exercise, socializing brain games, enrichment, confidence building and enrichment. We are not a boarding facility; we are high touch.


We use learning games to increase engagement and use their favourite toys to reward recall and see quick results. Our modern, progressive, positive reinforcement Board and Train Dog Program will set your dog up for a successful life as a loving family pet that you can walk anywhere and take on off-leash trails, parks and dog beaches safely and confidently  #CareyTrainsMe uses up-to-date techniques that build confidence, resilience, and reliability. We use food, affection, praise and play as rewards.

What to Expect

During your dog's Board and Train Program, Your dog will receive numerous daily training sessions to meet your specified goals and consistently reinforce engagement.  Here are some examples of what your dog will practice during their stay:


  • ​Confidence using agility and scent detection exercises. 

  • Brain games

  • Calm Greetings and socialization

  • Socialization with dogs and people

  • ​Positive exposure to new environments

  • ​Waiting politely for food and doorways

  • Polite Leash Walking Skills

  • Obedience commands ranging from beginner to advanced


​    Behaviours include:

  • Sit,

  • Watch Me

  • Touch

  • Go to your Bed/place

  • Introduction to a release word: sitting at all gates, doors and crate doors

  • Recall - come when called, leave it, drop it

Boarding School Graduation.

We ask for an hour of your time upon pick up to review the training, where you will receive hands-on learning.

Follow-Up Session

7-10 days after your dog graduates from their dog board and train program, you will be scheduled for a zoom session that your entire household can attend. We will build on your dog's new skills during the zoom session. Additional zoom sessions can be purchased after your follow-up Zoom session.


Boarding School


twodogsleash walking

Boarding School



Boarding School


Note that puppies over 16 weeks will focus more on leash skills and calm outdoors, assuming their potty training is on track. 


If you have questions, check out our blog:


Why choose a board and train.

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