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Fearful to Confident Program


Fearful to Confident

Finding the right place to board a fearful dog is challenging. Kennels are lonely and isolated, with loud noises and endless barking dogs. Dog hotels can be at capacity with high-energy, overly overt, and socially demanding dogs leaving staff unable to give your shy dog the attention they need to be calm and comfortable.


We are a home environment, and we found that the best board and train results thrive when dogs are comfortable and safe. We are not a boarding facility; we are small and inclusive. While enrolled in our Board and Train, your dog lives comfortably in our home with supervised access to the house and yard, and bedtime is spent in the safety of their crate or dog room. Dogs are treated as part of the family, have plenty of supervised playtimes, and enjoy positive, appropriate socialization opportunities, including exploring strolls through neighbourhoods.


Our passion is fearful and shy dogs. We use learning games and trust-building exercises to build trust with your dog. At #CareyTrainMe, we know it is essential that your dog has positive experiences, is surrounded by patience, and is exposed to new experiences one step at a time. We are patient and take our time. #CareyTrainsMe has trained hundreds of Metro Vancouver Puppies and is an expert in Board and Train programs. If your dog is fearful of new spaces, putting on its harness, or being picked, brushed up or reached for, we use cooperative learning games that build confidence and tolerance to being handled and cared for. 

Working with dogs, especially when they are fearful, is far more successful when you are versed in dog body language and communication. Please visit our blog on dog body language here.

What to Expect

Your dog will receive numerous daily training sessions to meet your specified goals and consistently reinforce polite household manners.  Here are some examples of what your dog will practice during their stay:


  • ​Confidence using agility and scent detection exercises. 

  • Brain games

  • Calm Greetings and socialization

  • Socialization with dogs and people

  • ​Positive exposure to new environments

  • ​Waiting politely for food and doorways

  • Body handling exercises

  • Polite Leash Walking Skills

  • Obedience commands ranging from beginner to advanced


​Behaviours include:

  • Sit

  • Watch Me

  • Down

  • Touch

  • Leave it, Drop it, and Take it

  • Go to your Bed/place

  • Introduction to a release word: sitting at all gates, doors and crate doors

  • Recall - come when called, leave it, drop it

Boarding School Graduation.

We ask for an hour of your time upon pick up to review the training, where you will receive hands-on learning.

Follow-Up Session

7-10 days after your dog graduates from their board and train program, you will be scheduled for a zoom session that your entire household can attend. We will build on your dog's new skills during the zoom session. Additional zoom sessions can be purchased after your follow-up Zoom session.


Boarding School


IMG_7186 3.heic

Boarding School



Boarding School


Note that puppies over 16 weeks will focus more on leash skills and calm outdoors, assuming their potty training is on track. 


If you have questions, check out our blog:


Why choose a board and train.

Or book a free consultation.


Client references are available upon request.

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