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In-Home Boarding

a toy breed, a beagle and an english bull dog pose sitting on the stump of a tree during a dog board and train.
a black pug and tan pug posing in a down and sit on a red chair during a dog board and train program with CareyTrainsMe

In-Home Boarding

Kennelling a dog for a long period of time can be lonely and isolating. Some dogs just do not thrive at crowded dog hotels. Finding the right place to board a dog is challenging. We offer boarding-only options for our past board and train clients and referrals from Metro Vancouver Dog Trainers.


We are a home environment, which helps dogs feel comfortable and safe. We are not a boarding facility; we are high-touch and inclusive. Your dog lives comfortably in our home with supervised access to the house and yard, and bedtime is spent in the safety of their crate or dog room. Dogs are treated as part of the family and have plenty of exercise, playtime, enrichment and company.

When your dog stays with us for boarding only their training and social skills do not decline like they can at an isolating kennel. 

If you have a reactive dog we can help with a private room and access to the outside without sighting other dogs.

If you are interested in boarding your dog with #CareyTrainsMe please complete a free online consultation request below to discuss your dog's needs.

Please note that you will need a referral from your dog trainer or from one of our valued clients. 


Boarding only


Boarding only

Reactive Dog Rate

Considering a Board and Train program for your dog?


Check out our blog: Why choose a board and train.

Or book a free consultation.


Client references are available upon request.

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