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Our Farm

Our 5-acre hobby farm in Aberdeen, Abbotsford, is an absolute paradise for anyone who loves the rural lifestyle (especially your dog)! The combination of fields, gardens, lawns, and all those fruit trees and berry bushes must create a stunning landscape. The quintessential red barn and the chicken coop with your 10-laying hens add to the picturesque charm of our property.

And let's not forget about the two honeybee hives – beekeeping is such a fascinating and important hobby, not to mention how it complements our fruit and vegetable production while creating a light delicious local honey.

We sell conveniently locally-grown food onsite which you can pre-order to be ready when you pick up your dog. To learn more about our in-home boarding click here. For Board and train programs click here.

We are proud of our animal haven hobby farm and turned our passions into a thriving venture with all our favourite things.

Welcome to Paws and Plows!

Brown eggs in a carton

Farm Fresh Eggs

Our chickens are free-run with access to a large outdoor space.  In addition to the worm-eating and bug-scratching that they do the chickens eat a healthy feed made at our local Buckfield’s feed store and plenty of fruits, vegetables and garden scraps.  $7 dozen

Order your eggs today!

Brown eggs in basket and There was hen standing on side isolated on Grass background, conc


Nectar gathered from these many different sources flying distance from our hobby farm creates a light and delicious clear unfiltered honey. $20 jar.

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Grown on our farm lovely garlic size medium. $2

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Spaghetti Squash

Untitled design.png

Acorn Squash

Grown on our farm Acorn squash $3

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Harvest Box - available late spring 2024

Harvest Boxes are seasonal and have the best and freshest selection of our locally grown delights. 

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