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The Ultimate Dog Training Treat Shopping List!

Every day we are asked what treats do you use? My dog loves them. I have created a mostly Amazon List of tried, tested and dog-approved treats by the many dogs in #CareyTrainsMe care.

Took the English Bulldog telling Enzo the French Bulldog that the treat lady exists AND she is amazing!
Took the English Bulldog telling Enzo the French Bulldog that the treat lady exists AND she is amazing!

​Open Farm - Grass-Fed Beef Recipe Freeze Dried Raw. This is a food not a treat but you dog does not know the difference. The freeze dried morsels are small and crumble far less than the competition in your treat pouch. We find they are great for multiple reward situation and typically do not upset your dog's digestion.

​Open Farm Surf and Turf Freeze Dried Raw a fishy taste with out a strong fishy smell. Open Farm is a fan favourite for recall training and high distraction environments.

​OpenFarm Lamb Freeze Dried Raw. Lamb is a special savoury treat and will get your dogs nose going! The price for open farm per bag is a little high but the bag will last a month or so for the average dog.

​Rollover Beef is a softer treat that needs to be cut up and stored in the fridge once opened, it has a temping smell and soft chew for the dogs. It is great because you can cut it up very small for high volume rewards or a large piece jackpot reward when needed. We store the cut pieces in the freezer in freezer bags and pull them out when needed. This keeps them fresher longer for the dogs. Rollover is a great price point.

Crumps mini trainers beef liver. Beef liver treats are always a favourite, however to much rich organ meat can be hard for your dog to digest. The mini trainers give you the option of volume, smelly desirable treats but tiny so great for both small dogs and large dogs to receive multiple rewards.

​Instinct Raw Beef, Lamb and Pollock are available at and can be purchased from and We love these rewards, they are clean to handle, very seldom crumble and easy to digest.

​Redbarn Air Dried kibble beef and fish available at We found this great brand at a local pet store and instant hit. It is a complete meal so perfect to use as a "treat" even though it is a food. It comes in fish, beef and chicken flavours. It is air dried so it is very tasty but small pieces making it excellent for multiple rewards.

​Only One Treats Dried Sardines. The these are whole fish with the eyes, fins and all. They are smelly and work great for recall training and when you need those high value rewards.

Nutri-Bites Freeze Dried Salmon. This is also available at from time to time and is very smelly and for dogs that love fish it doesn't get fisher than this.

VitaLife Duck chews. We cut these up with scissors and use them as meaty treats. They are dry and do not mess up your hands or treat pouch but pure meat so a big hit for your dog. We also give them as a chew treat when the dogs go to their crates. A Big hit at a great price!

​Zeal Canada Air dried beef. This is a complete meal as well so it is nutritionally sound and can be used as a food. They are very meaty and your dog will see them as a great treat. The bags are higher priced but expect the bag to last a month or more.

K9 Natural Freeze Dried. These can be crumbly in your treat pouch but work for rewarding by the handful for counter conditioning or recall.

Old Mother Hubbard P-nuttier biscuits for bedtime snack. We use these as treat before bed when dogs go to the sleep for the night. Some dogs can have sensitive stomaches when they are empty too long. we find the bed time snack helps.

Sweet Potato Chews. We use these as a crate time snack. They can be tough (always supervise when your dog has a chew item)

Pedigree Dentastix. An easy crate time chew.

​Greenies Pill Pockets. Very easy to train your dog to take pills with these pill pockets. Get your dog used to chewing them by putting a small treat or peace of kibble inside and giving it to your dog before they need medication. Then your dog it is used to something being inside the pill pocket.

Purina Pro Plan Veterinary Supplement Fortiflora. We recommend a variety of probiotics and believe that they should be part of your dog's daily routine. (especially in stressful situations like boarding)

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