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The Importance of Obtaining a Dog License for Your Furry Friend.

Updated: Mar 4

Black and White English Springer Spaniel sitting and posing showing off his dog license tag that reads "Good Boy"
English Springer Spaniel licensed as a "Good Boy"!

Getting a dog license offers several benefits that are often overlooked. It is a simple process that will aid the health and safety of all the animals in your community. The more dogs that are licensed the more dog-friendly public spaces there will be!

In addition to up-to-date vaccines, we also require dogs to have a license to book a board and train program with #CareyTrainsMe.


Here are some benefits of licencing our dog:


Identification: A dog license typically includes your contact information. If your dog gets lost, the license tag can be a quick way for someone to identify your pet and contact you, increasing the chances of a safe return. Did you know that 97% of lost, licensed dogs are returned to their owner’s home? If Vancouver Animal Control picks up your missing dog, it gets a free ride home once per calendar year.


Public Safety: Licensed dogs are often required to be up-to-date on vaccinations, reducing the risk of diseases spreading in the community. This contributes to public health and safety.

Community Support: The fees collected from dog licenses often go towards supporting local animal control services and shelters. By getting a license, you contribute to the welfare of other animals in your area.


Your dog goes on the emergency pet registry so emergency responders know to look for your dog in an emergency.


Dog facilities and services like off-leash dog parks are assessed using dog licensing statistics.

In Vancouver, all dogs over the age of three months must have a licence.


A reputable dog daycare or dog walker will require your dog to be licenced to service your dog.


Licensing your dog ensures that you comply with local laws and regulations regarding pet ownership. This helps avoid potential fines or legal issues associated with unlicensed pets.


It is quick and easy – license your dog online.








Port Moody


North Vancouver


West Vancouver




Township of Langley


City of Langley




Fraser Valley Regional District

Two black and white springer spaniels sitting on a bench in front of a lake holding a since that says we are license
We are good boys and have our license but we are not good spellers!



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