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5 dog training tips to help your family be consistent and patient in training your new dog.

Updated: Sep 24, 2023

What happens if everyone in your household is training your dog differently?

Consistency and patience are two critical factors in dog training that are essential for achieving successful results. Consistency is applying the same training methods and commands consistently every time you or someone in your household interacts with your dog. This helps your dog to understand what is expected of them and reinforces the behaviour you want to see. When training is inconsistent, it can confuse and frustrate your dog, making it difficult for them to learn and retain information.

Patience is also important as dogs learn at different rates, and some may take longer than others to understand and comply with commands, especially in different environments. Being patient allows you to take the time to teach your dog comfortably without becoming frustrated. This helps to create a positive learning environment where the dog feels safe and confident to try even if they make a mistake.

The first step is: Communicate with your family members.

Clearly communicate the commands and rewards that you expect to be used during training. Make sure everyone is on the same page and understands the importance of consistency. Create a do and no not list that all your family agrees to abide by and post it so the family can see it and review it often. It is not fair and very confusing to your dog if one family member lets your dog on the furniture and the rest of the family does not.

The second step is: Establish a training schedule: Set specific times each day for training and ensure everyone is aware of when those times are. This way, everyone can be present during training and reinforce the same commands. Add this to your do and do not list that your family has agreed upon as your family rules for the dogs.

5 dog training tips to help your family be consistent and patient in training your new dog.

1. Assign responsibilities: Assign specific training tasks to different family members. For example, one person can teach the sit command, while another can focus on go to your bed training.

2. Make it fun: Make training a fun and enjoyable activity for everyone involved. Use positive reinforcement, treats, and praise to keep everyone motivated. See more information on positive reinforcement here.

3. Lead by example: As the main trainer of the dog, lead by example and always show consistency and patience during training.

4. Avoid criticism: Encourage family members to avoid criticism if someone makes a mistake during training. Instead, use positive language to correct and redirect.

5. Train together: train the dog together as a family and individually. This will help build a stronger bond between the dog and all family members and make it easier to maintain consistency in the future. Remember to praise everyone, not just your dog, when they do a good job.

Remember, training a dog is not an easy task, but with the help and cooperation of all family members, it can be a fun and enjoyable process for both the dog and the family.

It is consistency and patience that work hand in hand to help your dog learn in a clear, effective, and enjoyable way for you and your dog. It's important to remember that dog training is a process that takes time, but by being consistent and patient, you can achieve your desired results.

As a dog owner, you should also be consistent and patient with your growing skills and your family's skills and efforts, as your dog will learn from how you interact with them. Showing patience and consistency will help your dog trust and respect you, making the training process much more successful.

A board and train program can be beneficial to build your dog's skills while your family can regroup and come together about how you want your lives to be with your dog. Once your dog has some obedience skills, your dog can return to your family in a frustration-free environment, and you can take over, creating a peaceful life for your entire family.

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