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Where can you bring your puppy to be trained?

Updated: Feb 20

Board and train programs, like the one offered at #CareyTrainsMe, can benefit dogs and their owners in various ways. Some reasons to consider bringing your dog to #CareyTrainsMe for a board and train program include:

Convenience: Board and train programs allow you to drop off your dog for a set period and return to a well-trained pet.

Professional training: Your dog will receive professional training from experienced trainers who can address specific issues and teach new behaviours.

Consistency: Board and train programs ensure that your dog receives consistent training, which can be difficult to achieve when training on your own.

Customized training: #CareyTrainsMe offers customized training plans tailored to meet your dog's and your family's specific needs.

Positive reinforcement: #CareyTrainsMe uses positive reinforcement techniques to train dogs, which is a kind and effective way of training a dog.

Socialization: Your dog will be able to socialize with other dogs while at Carey Trains Me, which can help improve their social skills and reduce their anxiety.

Peace of mind: By bringing your dog to #CareyTrainsMe for a board and train program, you know they are receiving the best possible training in a safe and loving environment.

It's important to note that the training program should be tailored to your needs and your dog's temperament and behaviour. You should research and compare different board and train programs and speak with the trainers to ensure it's the best fit for you and your dog. Ask for references! Bring your puppy to be trained by #CareyTrainsMe; check out our perfect puppy program.

Carey Bolduc of #CareyTrainsme training a yellow lab to sit and expressing her training methods.
Carey Bolduc, Training methods

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