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Tips to keep your dog safe during Halloween.

Updated: Sep 24, 2023

Drake and Happy two little white dogs wearing elf halloween costumes.
Drake and Happy posing perfectly in their halloween costumes.

Every year dogs go missing during Halloween from being spooked. These tips will help keep your dogs safe.

Fit collars and harnesses snuggly.

Before you leave for a walk, check your equipment. Ensure that your dog's collar and harness allow two fingers under the collars and straps.

When you attach the leash, ensure it is attached to the collar or harness and not accidentally attached to your dog tag ring.

Use two leashes, one on their harness and one on their collar if necessary. Or attach the leash to the collar with a safety.

What happens when your dog is outside and gets spooked?

If your dog is spooked and starts to run backwards - go in the same direction as your dog to stop it from backing out of its collar or harness.

If your dog escapes, stay calm, use a cheery tone of voice, and crouch down on their level. Call 311 for animal control and use social media.

Adopting a new dog just before Halloween?

If you are adopting a dog over Halloween and the dog is shy or fearful, request that the rescue holds your dog after Halloween.

Noises, fireworks and spooky things.

Wake up extra early and exercise your dog in the morning and afternoon. Play brain games and training to satisfy their mind and keep them indoors in the evening and do a quick potty break.

Dressing up your dog?

If your dog is socializing with other dogs, make sure that their costume does not affect their ability to communicate. Dogs communicate with body language - choose a costume so that their ears, tail, and mouth will be visible.

Decorations can be spooky for dogs.

Seasonal decorations can be startling, scary and stress out your dog.

Work on disengage exercises with your dogs and pack the most delicious treats. Encourage your dog to walk past or investigate if they are curious. Take your time and let your dog be comfortable with its new environment.

Please share these tips to keep your dog safe during Halloween.

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