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February is canned food month - do you have an emergency kit that includes supplies for your pets?

Updated: Feb 20

Did you know that February is canned food month?

What is canned dog food, and why should you have it on hand and in your emergency kit?

Having your dog used to eating canned food adds a tasty variety to their life, but it is also recommended to keep in your emergency kit. Canned dog food is moist, has a stable shelf life and, in an emergency where water may be in short supply, your dog will not be as thirsty as they would if they were eating dry kibble.

Canned dog food is a convenient and popular option for many dog owners, providing a balanced and nutritious diet for their pets. While many dog owners may stick to traditional ways of serving canned food, there are many creative and alternative uses for canned dog food that can provide a variety of tastes, textures, and benefits for your furry friend. In this blog, we will explore the different ways to use canned dog food to keep your dog's diet interesting, varied, and nutritious.

As a Topper

Canned dog food can be used as a topper for your dog's dry kibble. This can add some extra flavour and moisture to their meals and can help entice picky eaters to finish their meals. Spoon a small amount of canned food on top of their kibble, or mix it in. Canned food is also a great option for adding some extra protein and moisture to your dog's diet, which can be especially important for senior dogs, dogs with digestive issues, or dogs that require a low-carbohydrate diet.

Variety is the spice of life.

Canned dog food can also be used as a treat to ad variety. Spoon a small amount into a treat dispenser or freeze it in an ice cube tray to create frozen treats. Canned dog food can also be used as a training treat, as it has a strong aroma and flavour that dogs love. Use it to make a dry treat, spoon out onto a cookie sheet covered in parchment and cook at 200 degrees for 60 minutes or until dried to use as training treats.

As a Filling for Toys.

Canned dog food can also be used as a filling for toys, such as Kongs or treat-dispensing toys. Spoon some canned food into the toy and freeze it, providing your dog with a longer-lasting and challenging treat that will keep them entertained and occupied. This can also be a great option for dogs that suffer from anxiety, as chewing and licking can provide a calming effect.

As an Ingredient in Homemade Dog Treats.

Canned dog food can also be used as an ingredient in homemade dog treats. Many dog treat recipes call for canned dog food, and it can add a moist and flavorful ingredient to your homemade treats. Mix the canned food into the batter, and bake as directed. This can be a great option for dog owners looking for healthy and natural treat options for their pets.

As a Meal.

Of course, canned dog food can also be used as a complete meal for your dog. Canned food provides a balanced and complete diet for your pet, and can be a great option for dogs with trouble chewing or swallowing dry kibble. Open the can, and serve as is, or heat it in the microwave for a warm and inviting meal.

Canned dog food is a versatile and convenient option for dog owners, and there are many creative and alternative uses for this popular pet food. From a topper for dry kibble, to a treat, to an ingredient in homemade dog treats, canned dog food provides various options to keep your dog's diet interesting and nutritious. By incorporating canned food into your dog's diet in new and creative ways, you can provide your furry friend with a well-rounded and varied diet that they will love.

To learn more about emergency kits visit the Government of B.C. website and remember to include supplies for your pets.

Picture of a first aid kit.
Picture of a first aid kit.

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04 févr. 2023

Such a good article, thank you Carey! Especially what we have seen happen in the last few years. Very good to have an Emergency kit ready with canned food

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