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Vancouver Dog Board & Train with #CareyTrainsMe

Chocolate lab puppy practing leave it with a pile of kibble.

Vancouver Dog Board and Train

#CareyTrainsMe has trained hundreds of Metro Vancouver puppies and dogs and is an expert in Board and Train programs. A board and train program gives us access to your dog twenty-four hours a day. We can train with their breakfast, lunch and dinner depending on how they feel and their optimal times. The key to all training is consistency and repetition over time. A board and train program allows us to handle the repetition and build your dog’s skills so you can take over. We are reward-based trainers that use food, praise, affection and play to train. Our programs are immersive and include enrichment, socialization, confidence building, fitness, calmness and obedience.

Our Methods

At #CareyTrainMe, our modern, progressive, positive reinforcement Board and Train Dog Program will set your puppy up for a successful life as a loving family pet and a Metro Vancouver canine citizen. We use up-to-date techniques that build puppy confidence, resilience, and reliability. Some of these techniques include: rewarding calmness; canine enrichment (e.g.,); fitness; brain games; habituation; socialization with people, dogs and new environments; protocols building impulse control; frustration tolerance; manners around toys and food; and formal puppy obedience training. 

Carey Bolduc practicing sit and stay in a park with a yellow lab puppy

What to Expect

Our facility is a home environment (small and inclusive), and not a boarding kennel. While enrolled in our Board and Train, your dog lives comfortably in our home with supervised access to the house and yard, and bedtime is spent in the safety of our home. Your dog is part of the family, they train numerous times a day, have plenty of supervised playtimes, and enjoy age-appropriate socialization opportunities, including training walks through neighbourhoods and visits to Home Depot or pet stores. 

Board and Train Programs

Your Dog will receive at least four daily training sessions to meet your specified goals and consistently reinforce polite household manners. Here are some examples of what your dog will practice during their custom board and train program.


  • Teenage Boot Camp an adolescent dog's paradise.

  • Leash Manners & Rocket Recall

  • Hyper to calm (21 day recommended)

  • Confidence Building for fearful shy dogs (21 day recommended)

Training Behaviours

  • Crate training

  • Jumping and polite greetings

  • Calm socialization with dogs and people

  • Waiting politely for food and doorways

  • Impulse control and frustration tolerance protocols

  • Polite leash walking skills

  • Obedience commands ranging from beginner to advanced

  • Behaviours include: Sit; watch me; down; touch; leave it; drop it and take it; and, go to your bed. 

  • Introduction to a release word, sitting at all gates, doors and crate doors

  • Recall - come when called, leave it, drop it.  .

Carey Bolduc playing chess with a golden lab puppy

We know it will be hard to leave your dog!

But while your dogs is enrolled at our board and train program, you will receive photos, texts, and regular training video updates of your dog's progress via WhatsApp. You are also welcome to email and check in on your dog anytime. Each week while your dog is at doggie school, you will receive homework to prepare your household for your dogs return.

Doggie Boarding School Graduation.

We provide a graduation video link to show you all the commands/cues your dog has learned and their level with each command/cue. We also ask for an hour of your time upon pick up to review the training, where you will receive hands-on learning.

Follow-Up Session

7-10 days after your puppy graduates from their board and train program, you will be scheduled for a Zoom session that your entire household are welcome to attend. During this session, we will build on your dogs new skills. Additional sessions can be purchased after your follow-up Zoom session.


  • 14-day Board and Train $2400

  • 21-day Board and Train $3500

  • 30-day Board and Train $4400

Carey Bolduc training down and stay with her dog Luna

If you have questions, check please check-out our Frequently Asked Questions page

Client references are available upon request.

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